What is Frontrunners?

What is Frontrunners?

"Frontrunners" is a Deaf International Youth Leadership Training Programme with focus on International Project Management. The ambition is to take effort of that each individual has the ability to make the conditions better for the Deaf community.

Participants for the Frontrunners come from all over the world, within the age from 18 to 30 years old. All have intentions of their own in this programme. We are as individuals able to improve the campaigns for deaf causes, in our own country and worldwide. The general aim of Frontrunners is to change the world.

This Frontrunners 2007 is the third course. The first (in 2005) and the second (in 2006) were organised for only 4 months. Our Frontrunners programme has been extended to 8 months this year. It is split into three periods.

In the 1st period the participants learn the concept of Frontrunners, which is the main topic - Leadership and Project Management -, and several other topics relating to identity, psychology, sociology, politics, culture, language, and minority. The subordinate themes of the topics are Audism, Fundraising, Deafhood, Empowerment, Developing countries, etc.

The main topic will be put into practice in the 2nd period. We will create our own projects. It can be managed in our own or any countries.

In the last period we return from our projects. The main topics in this phase are to recognize the weakness and strengths about our work experiences from the 2nd period and evaluate each item.

We hope the programme has an impact to us. Follow us! Why? We will update reports every week on this website. So, pay attention!