Week 28

On the tower of the church in Ribe

With the motor tractor into the horizon

Three women on a file

Big smile *cheers*

In Mandø

Thora and Lilian signing on the big big big beach

Solitary and small sail boat...

Oh yeah, there are Deaf pirates!!

"To travel is to live" (H.C. Andersen)

Where is the sea?

Just relaxing with the beautiful sky

What are you looking? :-)

"Oh lovely, the beach..."

Big smileeeeeee

"I love this boat!"

"I'll miss Frontrunn3rs..."

"ITALIA", so proud of his country!

2Mmmm, very delicious"

"Yeah, you are right, Philippa! *cheers*"

The last group photo of Frontrunn3rs

Good Bye! =)