Week 27

Computer is part of our life in Castberggård!

Philippa and bengie showed her symbol! =)

Dr. Liisa Kaupinnen of World Federation of the Deaf worked with us on the translation of the UN Convention on Rights of People with Disability. Ritva Bergmann supported us to sign well in front of the camera.

We worked for 4 days with Liisa from Helsinki, Finland.

Bo Hårdell supported us with the translation, too.

The photo with Liisa at 2 a.m., before she left us.


We enjoyed the night with friends after the strenuous and juicy work

Taking a photo of Pascal's sunglass on the beach! =)

Nice day on the beach near of Castberggård!

"What can I do? Me? No!" in Sicilian Sign Language

Sunshine on us!

South Seas? Nope, Denmark!!

A joyful photo with Pascal from Frontrunn3rs' Module 1!